Add upto 15 colours

Our embroidery team can use from 1 up to 15 colours per logo.  From simple text to complicated crests we can do it all. Embroidery can be added to a huge array of garments and materials. 

Embroidery is both timeless and hardwearing and is used for workwear in a wide range of industries. 

Digitized in house

Digitising is the beginning of your embroidery journey. This is the process in which your logo is turned from a digital image into an embroidery file. Each click of the mouse can generate tens of thousands of stitches, resulting in a finished file which is then sent to one of our many embroidery machines.

High quality

Your brand new garments are framed up by our experienced embroidery experts to ensure your logo in positioned correctly. The embroidery machine takes your digitized image file and follows its pattern to stitch your logo onto your garments. 

Garments are finished and checked by hand to ensure only high quality items leave our factory. 


Deciding on clothing and printing technique can be complicated. If you want to know more about printing methods, or to seek a quote from us, then please contact us via the Get a Quote Form or by Email, and we will try to respond to your request within the shortest time frame possible – usually within 24 hours of receiving your request.

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