CAD-CUT Vinyl Transfer

CAD-CUT Vinyl Transfer

sharp designs

This durable and long lasting transfer is mainly used for large text and is often applied to the back of garments. 

Contrary to belief, vinyl is a long lasting and cost effective decoration material which creates a crisp, clean finish, showcasing your design for all to see. 

Precision cut

Mainly used for 1-2 colour designs, big or small. 'Cad Cut' Vinyl Transfer is the process of taking your design and then uploading it to a specialist machine that will digitally cut the pattern out of a coloured piece of vinyl. 


Vinyl transfer is extremely light weight, meaning large designs don't become uncomfortable for the wearer unlike a large big back embroidery which can be heavy and damage the material. 

The clean look of the transfer can create an eye catching and bold statement, making your company stand out from the crowd. 



Deciding on clothing and printing technique can be complicated. If you want to know more about printing methods, or to seek a quote from us, then please contact us via the Get a Quote Form or by Email, and we will try to respond to your request within the shortest time frame possible – usually within 24 hours of receiving your request.

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