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In 2014 Customise It Now was founded by young couple Thomas Howard & Emma Hindmarch (pictured left with niece Niamh).

Emma and Thomas had both worked in the workwear industry for many years and saw a gap in the market, a way to do things better.

Thomas' knowledge of operations and Emma's experience in sales and customer service proved to be the perfect pairing for starting their own business in an industry they both loved, and knew well. 

Like any new business the first year was challenging but after some clever marketing, not to mention working all hours, Customise It Now took off. 

Over the next 2 years the company went from strength to strength and Emma & Thomas soon realised they had a problem on their hands. They couldn't do it all by themselves anymore! It was time for more staff, and with that, more space.

Emma and Thomas found the space they needed and the team grew quickly. In a very short space of time yet more space was needed, more equipment, and quite frankly a few more hours in the day!

In May 2018 tragedy struck when Thomas and best friend and employee Tom passed away. The news devastated family and friends as well as the local community, and of course the Customise It Now family.

Emma and the team were determined to keep Thomas' dream alive, and despite extremely tough circumstances the company continued to grow. 

In 2019 Emma grew the team once again and moved into a much bigger premises which allowed for more machinery and room for further expansion in the future.

Customise It Now continues to go from strength to strength with further plans for 2020. We are very excited to see what the future holds for us!


Emma Hindmarch
Managing Director

Emma's entire working life has been in the sales & customer service sector. Her journey in the workwear industry began in 2012.

Emma oversees all aspects of the day to day running of the company, and is constantly seeking innovative ways to deliver better products, services, and improve internal processes. One of the most important things to Emma is making sure that she has a happy workforce. Emma looks after her staff well, offering excellent perks and monthly social events for all staff. Emma operates an open door policy and is always there to support her staff with anything that they may need.

Emma lives with her dog Ted, an Apricot Poochon born in 2015. She loves to host parties and dinners at her house for friends and family. 

Interesting fact: Emma used to be a part time entertainer! Singing in pubs and clubs on evenings and weekends.

Justin Hindmarch

Sales Manager

Justin is Emma's older brother and was Emma and Thomas' first hire. Justin came on board to manage sales as the company began to grow at a rapid pace. He has been instrumental in the growth of the company and continues to be a vital member of the Customise It Now family as he supports and manages the internal sales team daily.

Justin is a proud father to two girls Ruby & Niamh. In his spare time Justin is a keen runner and a member of Darlington Harriers & Athletics Club. 

Interesting fact: As of 2019 Justin has so far completed 4 full Marathons in cities across europe, all of which were completed in under 4 hours.


Liam Liddle

Operations Manager

Liam has been in the workwear industry for over a decade now and has perfected a number of skills in this time, including graphic design, digitisation, and operations management to name a few. 

Liam supports Emma with all aspects of the day to day running of the company, this includes: purchasing, stock management, planning, and quality checking.  Without Liam we wouldnt run as smoothly as we do!

Liam and his wife Kate are proud parents to their son Oliver

Interesting fact:  Liam is a renowned prankster! You will often find Liam hiding behind doors ready to jump out and terrify his friends & colleagues!

Cassie Webb

Marketing Manager

Cassie has 7 years experience in the workwear industry. Cassie's journey began in sales where she developed a product knowledge which is second to none. 

Cassie always expressed an interest in graphic design and marketing, volunteering to help Emma with this in the early days of Customise It Now. Cassie developed her skills over the years and as the company grew we could think of no-one better to fill the position of Marketing Manager.

Cassie has two small children at home, Elise & Oliver. 

Interesting fact: Cassie used to live abroad where she managed a team of water ski instructors in Rhodes.

Philippa Lamb

Sales Executive

Philippa has worked in the workwear industry for a number of years, her commitment to customer service is outstanding, you can always rely on Philippa for consistently excellent customer service. 

Philippa also has experience in our production department, specialising in embroidery. 

Philippa has a teenage son named George who is particularly talented when it comes to musical instruments. 

Interesting fact: Philippa has completed the Great North Run an impressive 7 times!

Arianne Simmons


Arianne is the youngest, but arguably the hardest working, member of the Customise It Now team.

Arianne has 5+ years of experience in embroidery as well as experience with graphic design and print. Arianne is the queen of multi-tasking often running two large embroidery machines simultaneously. Thanks to Arianne we are able to ship thousands of customised garments every week. 

Arianne is extremely well travelled and loves to explore new places with her boyfriend Nathan who is in the Navy. Their favourite place they have visited so far is Rome.

Interesting fact: Arianne is the proud owner of a Blue Peter Badge! 

Martin Burnside

Print & Graphic Design

Martin has a degree in Textile & Surface Design from Cleveland College of Art & Design and a number of years of design and print experience under his belt.

Martin is currently responsible for all of our print artwork set ups and operates our printing and transfer machinery.

Martin lives with his Fiancée Gemma and their two dogs Oscar & Tobie. In his spare time you'll often find Martin with his nose in his iPad or sketchbook as his passion for art and design plays a big part in his personal life too. 

Interesting fact: Martin has sold some of his graphic design work to well known brands such as Victoria's Secret.


Ted Howard Hindmarch

Chief Happiness Officer

Ted is an apricot coloured Poochon (thats a cross between a toy poodle and a bichon frise)

Ted's main role at Customise It Now is to spread love and happiness amongst all employee's and visitors, a job in which he has proven to be extremely successful.

When he's not busy spreading joy Ted can often be found under desks taking a nap, or on the stairs staring out of the window waiting for his arch nemesis "the huskie" to walk by. 

Ted also loves to play with his toys, he loves a good cuddle and is full of licks.

Ted is particularly fond of the DPD man, his favourite time of day is when he comes to collect the orders.

Interesting fact: Ted has a different jumper for every day of the week.

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